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How to Handle Frozen Pipes and Avoid Water Damage in Brookfield, WI

March 30th, 2018 · No Comments

When people think about winter, they probably picture snow days and hot cups of cocoa. They may even think about driving in bad conditions and stocking up on thick coats and gloves. For homeowners, the winter world doesn’t stop outside. In order to fight back against the chill and survive, they also have to think about protecting the inside of their homes. If a homeowner isn’t careful and the pipes in their home freeze, they may have to look into a water damage restoration company. If you live in Brookfield, WI, check out the information below. There’s a lot you need to know about.

Find the Frozen Pipe or Pipes

Maybe you know you have a frozen pipe, but you’re not sure where the problem pipe is. To find the frozen pipe, go through your home and turn on every faucet. Pay attention to the water flow. What’s happening? Is any water coming out at all through a certain faucet? If so, is the water coming out very slowly, perhaps through a series of drips? Once you find a faucet that isn’t working normally, you have likely located where the frozen pipe is.

Slowly Thaw It Out

Don’t rush! You might be a hurry to fix the problem, but the frozen pipe could burst and lead to the need for water damage remediation if you’re not careful. Turn on the faucet that leads to the frozen pipe. If the faucet has a hot and cold knob, turn them both on. If the pipe is hidden, you can try turning the heat up in your home. If the pipe is exposed, try using a hairdryer. If in doubt, call a plumber for their expert advice to avoid the need for water damage remediation.

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