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How to Prevent Mold After a Flood and Why You Need Disaster Restoration Help in Brookfield, WI

November 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

You have just experienced a flood, and all you can think about is how to recover as quickly as possible. It’s bad enough that you’ve suffered a great loss, but you also have to keep your family calm and safe while you try to return things to normal. At ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, we completely understand, and we offer disaster restoration assistance to those who need us. But while you’re sorting through everything and trying to work out a plan, we recommend working on preventing mold growth. Mold is nasty, and it can seriously threaten the health of the people you love in Brookfield, WI. We hope the tips below will help.

Wait Until It’s Safe to Go Inside

It’s never a good idea to wander into a flooded area until you can get the go ahead from the electric company and other officials on the scene. There may be a problem with the electrical wiring, and you don’t want to risk getting electrocuted. There could also be contaminants and bacteria in the water that can cause serious health problems. There is no need to put your health and safety at risk, making a bad situation worse. No matter how anxious and rushed you feel, don’t take chances.

Get Rid of Items Quickly

Once you’re able to get inside, you need to work quickly. Go through each room and find what you think can be salvaged – pillows, curtains, toys, framed paintings, etc. Put these items outside so they can dry. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this will work. You may still have to throw things out, whether the water damage is too severe, or you think mold may grow if you leave these items alone. Professional water damage restoration and disaster restoration can only do so much.

Recovering from a flood is difficult but not impossible with the help of our trained professionals. Contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services of Brookfield, WI, at (262) 486-6678 for reliable disaster restoration assistance.


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